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Northampton Today- Streets Ahead

Today was relatively productive. We hung up all of our video game maps, we made our dry erase calendar, hung up some awesome Diskworld art as well as an 8-bit Koopa Allison painted forever ago, started a puzzle, and took some naps. We did some boring errands-bank, scripts etc. and got bagels.

We also explored the Rail Trail much more and Alex got some beautiful pictures on her awesomesauce camera. Afterwards we came home, made bagel sammiches on rosemary and olive oil bagels (so good) and had a picnic on the swings down the street.

We both mused while on the swings about how comfortable we feel here in Northampton. How going out of the house isn’t an immediate anxiety attack here and how we feel like we can be true to ourselves but still feel a part of something more.

I think we found our happy place. ❤

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Bubble Tea and Oh Right, Kittens!

The first thing I am going to tell you,  and it should pretty clearly reveal our recent priorities, is that Allison and I have somehow formed an abusive relationship with the local bubble tea shop. When we walk in, probably about 90% of the time, we feel as if we have intruded on the staff’s and regular’s private hangout.  It gives one the sense of being an inconvenience. “Is this how people feel walking into Cheers?” I thought, then soon corrected myself, “Cheers is fictional…people never actually walked into Cheers.  Frig, I love Cheers…and Frasier.”  Welcome to one portion of my brain.  Anyway, apparently if you offer us tea that tastes like mangoes and has little balls of tapioca inside, we will keep coming back despite despising the environment.

We have also not been very artistically productive, but to make up for this, (and I feel like I [we] can actually justify it this time,) we have been spending a lot of time outdoors, walking swimming and making friends. Is this what normal people do with their summers?  What is it the younguns’ are saying these days? “Boss”?  Yeah I think it is Boss.

I have been enjoying my new job at Smith and have still been taking some photographs here and there.  These are from a Black Lives Matter event at the Neilson Library.


And around town.

There is that tricky tricycle again.

I just realized it has been so long since we updated that we have not even mentioned the kittens. We got two brothers from the shelter. Valek is Allison’s kitty and he is named after an assassin from Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder. My brother is Havelock Vetinari from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series.


Some smaller happenings.

New shop in town opened. It sells British and Irish foods. Look it is giant Marmites.


We also, may have eaten too many waffles, and had some #WTFTarget moments.

I realize this entry was a bit brief and fragmented  but Allison will follow up with some more updates soon.




Summer Adventures and the Art of Socializing

This is an update brought to you by Alex.

It has been a busy few weeks. We have been socializing far more than we are used to, which is great, but also exhausting for a pair of introverts. I am being productive in theory while Allison is gone for a few days doing grown-up-type things. I begin work on the 18th  and it would be hard to be more excited. Until then I am enjoying my time. 

If you don’t mind I am going to take a minute to get a bit political.  If you do mind you can just wander on off for a bit, thank you very much.

I learned at library school that as professionals we are either expected to be quiet about politics and social justice, or else very loud. This seems to be a point of contention, especially for archivists, who have to be neutral enough in many cases to be trusted with some hush-hush type documents and collections. I believe very strongly that being neutral is exactly the right way to be for some archivists. But I have decided neutrality is not for me. I love that some of us are vocal and brave about important human rights issues. Librarians and Archivists With Palestine is my personal favorite example of this. Likewise, I have noticed some writers are also very vocal about social issues and politics, while others stay quiet in an effort to either maintain privacy or not alienate readers. I respect their right to their privacy and ability to remain neutral, but again this is not for me.  I have thought about this and come to the conclusion that, as I am only here for a short time, I will say what I decide must be said, and fight for what must be fought for, because this is the person that I want to be. I do not want to alienate anyone, but I am choosing to have a voice when it counts.

Today Bernie Sanders conceded to Hillary, something I really hoped he would not do before the national convention. I have not decided if I can vote for her, but I am pretty sure, that in good conscience, I cannot. We are in a tough place right now, as a country, with two of the most disliked candidates in history. Something is seriously wrong with a system where this is allowed to happen. As this beautiful, heart-wrenching article states This Was Never About Bernie Sanders    None the less, today is still a heart wrenching day, because Bernie was the vehicle for our hope. A hope, no, a belief, maybe even a certainty that we the people, had the power to fight the systemic corruption, racism and bigotry consuming our country. We will continue to fight, we will continue to try and make the world a better place, but it hurts all the same.  

EDIT: It appears Bernie did not concede by endorsing Hillary, and is still going to the convention with his delegates. 


As for adventures, let’s see, they have been a bit limited due to in-climate weather. We explored the DAR State Forest in Goshen, MA by accident. We intended to entertain the idea of going for a swim but ended up “lost” in the woods for a few hours instead. It was rainy, which was nice, but then it stopped raining and was humid, which was less nice. Add to that we got quite swarmed by tiny winged vampires, whoops. The rain kept me from getting any very good photos, which is sad because there was quite a bit of gorgeous scenery, wildlife and MUSHROOMS! Despite having chosen the wrong day for that particular adventure we had fun and are absolutely going back.


We stopped by the Book Mill in Montague. It was very neat. Literally an old mill, right on the river, full of books, music, food, and an art gallery selling the works of local artists. I have to admit my archivist/librarian side was screaming internally because all of the windows were open, while it was raining, right on a river, and the humidity was terrible. “NO NOT THE BOOKS! Buy them quickly, save them!”, internal Alex screamed knowing full well the futility.  


I also ran into the Comic Creator’ Jam at the Modern Myths and introduced myself, which was less painfully difficult than I imaged, because they were all so freakin’ nice. Allison and I are excited to work on a graphic novel together.  I bought “Bitch Planet” volume 1, which I am incredibly excited to read, because hooray, feminism.

Finally, last night, I forced myself out of the house to go to my first Nerd Nite Noho, where I listened to two talks. One about consciousness and the other about the digital preservation of video games via browser emulators. Good talks, and everyone seemed nice, but I was a bit too shy and tired to talk to anyone. I did however, catch some pretty sweet Pokemon.  Hoping to start work on some sewing projects this week, will post updates.



I had a dream
You were burnt to the bone
But I crawled in bed beside
And called that bed my home

This Was Never About Bernie Sanders

“This was never about Bernie Sanders, but Sanders has been our light, leading us back to the path when we were lost.

This was never about Bernie Sanders, but Sanders reminded us of the importance of standing up and refusing to sit down in the face of oppression.

This was never about Bernie Sanders, but Sanders is the one who dusted us off and told us to get back in the game.

And I pledge to myself, to you, to my children and yes, to Bernie, to never forget his example.

I promise to oppose evil everywhere I see it.

I promise to feed the hungry and put the greater good ahead of my own gain.

I promise to take up positions of service when I am needed and I promise to oppose and expose those who use the suffering of others for their profit.

I promise to never settle for the lesser evil, but always strive for the greater good.

This was never about Bernie Sanders.

This has always been about revolution.

This has always been about us.”



“I need to write, but I don’t know what to write.” I told my girlfriend, Carrie. “I really don’t know what to tell people. I’m angry. I’m hurt and I’m feeling defeated and if there’s one thing this campaign does not allow, it is negativity. I’m trying to put a positive spin on all of this, but the fact of the matter is that the corporations decided that Clinton was going to be President years ago and nothing was going to change that. I don’t think any of us realized how deep the corruption went. We knew it, but we weren’t prepared for it. I don’t know if it will take violent revolution to take back our government or if everyone just needs to run for office and I’m not sure either one would work anyway. I don’t know what to do and I certainly don’t know what to write, but I feel…

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Tonight was AMAZING!

Haven’t posted in a few days, kind of been down.

We did go to Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary – Mass Audubon on Thursday with our friend Meehan. We ended up with some neat mushrooms and tried to make spore prints with them but they got messed up. So maybe next time we will have some cool mushroom prints to show.

Here are some pictures from Thursday:

We did have a great day which ended with scrabble and the new puzzle, which is kicking our ass. We still haven’t even finish a quarter of it, but have also learned to walk away from the puzzle after shouting curses at it. 

Yesterday, neither of us remembers what yesterday was… except that Allison had a doctor’s appointment way way too early and then slept for most of the day.

We started the game Path of Exile in the hopes it would be an online multiplayer game we could play with our friends that are now far away. It was horrible though and so short lived.

Allison finished reading The Ocean at the End of the Lane, by Neil Gaiman and loved it! So good! Read it!!!

And now for tonight!

Tonight we went to Mcladden’s Irish Publick House for some drinks and we brought along some story boarding stuff so we would be somewhat comfortable while out among other people. It worked, and we got our first children’s book Wyrm Sitting all segmented out so Allison can begin sketching it.


We got a giant pretzel which Allison was very excited about:


as well as some french fries and yummy drinks =)


Alex – Alesmith Hammerhead Speedway Stout

Allison- Amaretto Sour

and then we shared some fruity cocktails Woo!

We also accidentally trolled the live music by requesting Caress Me Down by Sublime, which has a lot of Spanish in it which Allison forgot, and then so did the guy singing. We gave him a whole list to pick from… so we maintain that it was out of our hands and that no blame should fall on us =P

He chose to follow up with Norwegian Wood, a Beetles song Alex requested.

Feeling remarkably undrunk, we walked home and came across this super serious tricycle


It’s even chained up.

We both regret not having ice cream and more amaretto sours…and are now doing the puzzle and eating popsicles that Alex made



Puzzle Defeated & Interview

Today we finished the puzzle that stole our entire Monday…

Allison also had an interview that she thought went pretty well for a Gallery Sales Associate at William Baczek Fine Arts. Now we are both waiting to hear back about promising positions, very anxious, but also excited.

We went for a walk on the Rail Trail again today when it got darker out. Alex is hoping to get some pictures of this neat purple glass embedded in the cement along Main St. We were told it was to let light into the old cellars so we are hoping to come across some that are lit up from inside one of these nights.

We are also planning a day to draw the old train station when we both get darker sunglasses. For now we are trying to catch a picture of it lit up as well.

Tomorrow we are hanging out in Arcadia with our friend Meehan and so our next post should be more interesting with pretty pictures.



Defeated by Puzzle

Today started out strong. Alex did some cleaning and I did some detail work on the baby dragon from our first children’s book Wyrm Sitting.


But then we decided a puzzle was a good idea and obsessed over it for hours and hours and basically wasted our whole day.

I made pie and we played our respective video games.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive

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